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Neptune Research, Inc.

Neptune Research, Inc.

Since its founding in 1982,Neptune Research Inc. has been engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of a patented resin impregnated fiberglass cloth which provides an effective, time and cost efficient solution for the repair and corrosion pro


NRI launches quarterly newsletter
In an effort to provide up to date information on a routine basis, NRI established an email marketing campaign. Our first, 3rd Qtr newsletter was just blasted out to distributors and customers. Contact NRI if you would like to be added to the email list. NRI will be hosting our 3rd Annual Distributor Meeting & Event at our Lake Park, FL facility on February 10th & 11th, 2011. This unique, business development event will be a combination of NRI's top international and domestic distributors. The. . .
2010-11-18 15:20:59
NRI streamlines its production and packing departments
As part of our Lean initiative, NRI just completed the first level of Value Stream Mapping to streamline its production and packing departments. This powerful tool allows us to map the flow of products through all manufacturing steps. This multi stage endeavor will allow for increased efficiency, improved lead time, and higher quality control of all NRI products.
2010-11-18 15:20:28
Dr. Farooq successfully finished an ASME 31.8 Course on Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Sys
This course included Piping System Components and Fabrication Details, Design Installation and Testing, Operating and Maintenance Procedures, Offshore Gas Transmission.
2010-11-18 15:19:46


SACP and DCP equipment sold to LabQuip
Proceq SA has sold their cone penetrometer business (SACP and DCP) to UK-based LabQuip. LabQuip is a supplier of new and used laboratory equipment, servicing, repairs and Calibration.
2011-02-18 10:24:42
Clean Air ScandMist - Remove ALL Oil Mist and Emulsion from your Workshop
ScandMist oil mist collectors are designed by Clean Air America, Inc. to remove oil mist and smoke from the machining floor environment and efficiently separate oil fumes, oil mist, oily dust, and emulsion mist and return clean air to the plant. Mist, smoke and harmful particles such as swarf, bacteria and spores generated by metalworking machines are extracted at source and cleaned by a three stage process. Clean air is then returned directly to the workshop and exceeds international hea. . .
2010-12-09 09:58:14
Phone-in Doctoring Fails to Improve Patient Outcomes
Phone-in Doctoring Fails to Improve Patient Outcomes
Enlarge:Phone-in Doctoring Fails to Improve Patient Outcomes enlarge
New Haven, Conn. — Keeping in close contact with heart failure patients once they leave the hospital has been an ongoing challenge for physicians. A patient’s condition can worsen with no notice and early intervention could potentially make a big difference. Researchers at Yale School of Medicine thought they found the solution with a telephone call-in program designed to improve doctor-patient communication. But results from their study published in the November 16 New England Jou. . .
2010-11-19 11:07:37
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